The Formula for Success

Now don’t let the title mislead you, sadly I don’t have that formula, yet just how I see it. We wonder what the formula is to create a best seller and have a success. Personally I’ve never had a best seller nor have I yet to really be published but I think there are key elements that need to come together in order to get the success you want.

Like with anything else the first thing is first, we as authors need to have a good product. In our case the product would be our story. We need a story that others can relate, experience, and immerse themselves in, just something they want to get lost in. Growing up I used stories to escape, to places that were happier or more appealing and as I grew up I still want that but I also want to read stories that I can relate to. I want to know that others understand my feelings and emotions and although we have different experiences I can still be understood. Sometimes we seek humanity in the stories we read. As long as your story encompasses something about the human condition or creates a new look or feel to a story, you are off to a good start.

Next you have to know where you need to go. Should you seek out a publisher or self publish? If you self publish do you have the ability to promote as a company would? Often the promotion is a make or break for anything. You can have a good product and it can get lost in all the mess. You have to have clear idea of how to reach the audience you want and present your product as something we all need.

Of course after the creation and distribution, you can only hope that reviews and word of mouth continue to create buzz. There are stories that have swept the world just by creating the right buzz and having the right momentum behind it. Sometimes we have to understand too that not everything will be a huge success and just a moderate start is something and you are just paving the way.

I say that there is no right formula, we as writers write. We do do from a need to create and share the things we have inside. Sometimes we create something that has universal appeal and will garnish wild success, but I say stay true to yourself and keep writing and never give up. You never know when your moment will come and you just have to be ready.


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