Starting or Ending

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and while going through school I tutored students in English. Many times people say that the hardest thing to do when writing an essay is starting, yet for me that has never been the case.

I have no issue with starting and even when writing essays. I could come up with a great opening paragraph but then I’d need to take a break before I could figure out how to write the rest of it. The worst part for me is ending! I feel like I can never come up with just the right thing to say to end it. I want to end with that perfect line that stays with the reader and makes them think or feel long after they finish.

There are many of my poems that I have found are longer than I originally wanted because I never felt like it ended just right. I know that everything has a beginning, middle and end, and it’s how it all goes together that matters, but I’m a quote person. I want to write words that are inspiring and that people want to repeat to remind themselves of something.

As a writer we constantly worry about perfection, when it’s not possible. No matter how great it is, there will always be something to be fixed or said differently, something more to do. Sometimes we just have to stop ourselves and our pen or fingers and say this is my message and I’ve reached it so now I send it out. I’m hoping, like all writers, that what I send out will touch someone and in some way it will matter.


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