No Longer Failing, Getting Where I Want to Be

I think that I am like most people out there who want to pursue a career in a creative field, you have a lot of ideas and dreams, but you just aren’t sure how to enact them to achieve that goal. I know that I have over a thousand poems, countless short stories (at various stages), novels that have started, photographs, drawings, songs, but I am just not sure which one of these things to jump into and how exactly to “jump” into them.

I know that I have been published online and I am very appreciative of that, but some days I just want to hold something in my hand. I want to go to a library or open a book and know that the words that I have written are somewhere inside. Poetry is a hard pursuit for an author because in the publishing industry there is just not enough money in it. I have read from other sources that most agents won’t even hear from a poet, they have to pursue other avenues to publish such as literary journals, magazines or self-publishing. I honestly don’t think that that will ever change and if someone really wants to publish then writing novels is the way to go.

I have found that in my years of writing that I have a hard time finishing things. I have a ton of good ideas, but I lack the disciple to write and get myself to finish what I start, well I say no more. I am putting my foot down and saying if you really want to achieve your dreams you can’t ever give up. By not finishing stories, to me, that is a way of saying well it’s not good enough anyway. I am holding myself as well as counting on my followers to keep my writing. I want to allow the feedback I get to guide and help steer and cheer me to where I want to be.

I say that we are the reason we succeed or fail and well I will no longer be the reason that I fail. I don’t write for anyone else, but I do write in the hopes that others will find something to relate to and something that is of interest to them. I think that all authors feel this way, or at least as a reader I hope so. We write in order to share our thoughts and/or experiences and do so in a way that is universal. We are all humans and although we live different lives, our emotions and experiences are what brings us all together. I say live and create then lets see where that takes us.


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