Black and White Photograph

20131129-214419.jpgPhoto Credit: BC

I have always been one that likes to experiment. I love taking black and white photographs and love that digital cameras now give you that ability. Editing always gives you the chance to create effects, but I do like being able to see right on the screen instant how it will all turn out.

When it comes to photography, I know that I have a lot to learn and only recently have I begun to develop and explore my love for it. I do appreciate what color effects can do to an image. I think that black and white though will always remain a favorite. It gives a peaceful, serene look to otherwise ordinary pictures. I know that each picture that a true professional takes can be breath taking and I realize that I am not up to that level. I think at times that is why I go back to color effects, like black and white, so that I can turn otherwise boring pictures into wow that looks really sharp.

I encourage everyone whether you are a beginner or professional, to pursue your artistic delights to your hearts desire. Until you try then you never know what you are good at or what it is that you like, so try whatever it is that interest you and try to share your experience with those around you. You never know how you can touch someone with something that you create or capture and inspiration is always worth the risk. Never doubt the ability to touch the lives of those around you. Risk your own humility in order to reach out to someone else who may need a little more. Try something new and who knows what new audience you might reach, it’s worth it.


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