Beauty of the Arts

20131129-201249.jpgPhoto Credit: BC

Sometimes it’s the unlikely yet beautiful things that take our breathe away. I love to take photos of nature and natural things because it reminds me how much beauty is around me.

I think that seeking a profession in the arts often times leaves is feeling down and hopeless. We all wait for that big break or moment when we have made it and we are able to share our passion of art with more than just ourselves.

I want my life to mean something and to matter. Life is never easy but I think that art has saved me once or twice before and if I can reveal how healing or touch someone with anything I say or write, then really that is all that matters. Try not to focus too hard on the bottom line, just keep pursuing your dream and never forget what reason you do what you do. So why is it that you are creative? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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