Writing with Purpose

What spurs your creative bone? Even I have realized that some of my best, most relatable work comes when I feel angry or depressed, but does that go against inspiration? It has been a question I’ve wondered about a while, the depressive, happy line.

Can a person be real, deep when they find the good? Are people and life situations where they aren’t able to be happy? I have read, seen too many stories to really believe that everyone can’t see the good, yet I can’t understand why people hold themselves back.

Art is a good medium to release fears, doubts, and pain. I think it’s also safe because you can be as specific or nonspecific as you want and it’s art so no one can tell you what is and isn’t right. I wish we all could leave the depressive with our art and no matter the argument I’m always going to do my best that no matter how depressive, to always strive to find the hope.

I believe art is about hope and expression. Art and literature shows our culture. Each generation invents and creates something new, art is a fluid constant changing state. I think as the world around us struggles, just like with The Great Depression and movies began to take off, we look to entertainment to distract and uplift us. I want to be a part of that culture. The one that believes in tomorrow and sees the pain and says your situation isn’t permanent but a temporary state. Travel with me if just in art or words to a new place where hope is everywhere.


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