Sorry that I have failed to post my weekly blogs. Our office has been in the process of moving at work and then I have been kinda busy at home. It seems weird having to move and pack up your office. I have been undisciplined when it comes to my posts though so I need to get back at it. 

I have been working on a movie quote post but I just have not finished it and so failed to get that up. I will be sure to get it up Friday though. I did get an article published with an online magazine and I hope to start doing that from time to time. I am looking forward to that too because it has been a while since I have writing reviews and things like that. 

I guess when it comes down to it, I kinda feel like I don’t have much to say. I don’t know what to say or if what I am saying matters. I know that I used to be a writer and I don’t know where that went. I just don’t know what to say. I don’t know where that went. Did I lose it or was it never really me? I am not sure the answer. I don’t want to burn out so to speak. I guess I just don’t really see a point to it all. 

I know there is one but finding that point is the issue. I know that I want to do something that matters, but I don’t know what that is. Again I used to love writing but now that I am older that has seemed to fade. Has my love changed or has life changed me? I need to find inspiration and I guess I am just looking for that. I am looking for a reason to write. Hopefully I will find one. Hopefully or maybe writing just isn’t for me…not sure what will be that outcome. 


I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Suicide

It is both heartbreaking and tragic when someone chooses to take their own life. It just leaves you wondering why and could something have been done. The news of Chris Cornell’s death sent shock waves. He was laid to rest this past Friday in LA. You never know what is going on until it is too late.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Cancellations

So last week was the week, TV finally revealed their line ups. This year has been quite an ending. There have been many favorites cancelled, many of them I personally really enjoyed watching. It has been a bit of a heartbreaking season, but we must forge ahead. What must the networks be thinking?

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Why being different is bad

I wrote a post about being honest with yourself and others. I wrote about not understanding people and how I wished I understood them more, but the more I have human interactions the more I doubt that desire. Sometimes you just have interactions with people and you remember why you claim to hate them and why you have no desire to understand or be anything like them.

It was a simple interaction. Three idiot guys thinking they were funny and just like with anything, most things you do doesn’t much matter, but you never know what someone is going through or what they have been through. They were being idiots and it felt more like an experience in a high school hallway than one in a workplace one, but that was the situation I was in. Is it that guys see a girl standing alone and they think easy target? I don’t really know nor do I want to know how the male brain works. I had my badge on so he had the privilege of calling me by my first name. I don’t know him so yes him speaking to me like he knew me, bothered me. It just rubbed me the wrong way. First thing that bothered me.

I guess he was trying to be “cute”, not really sure and I do not care, but apparently he was debating if he had a meeting with me and concluded, all while speaking out loud to himself, that he did not know me so he probably was not in the meeting I was going to. Lucky me, I did not know him and no, we were not going to the same meeting. Let me cut away for a moment and I will get back to the main story momentarily. I am not adverse to technology but I do still have a flip phone. No, you did not read that wrong, I do not have a smart phone. It is shocking, I know, in this day and age, but I just never got one and don’t really feel the need to get one right now. Back to the three guys now, well of course we are in IT, so they all must have the latest tech right? The one guy just walking up to join them chimes in about “liking” my phone to which I give an annoyed glare. He then proceeds to make a joke about asking if I updated with wireless security. The other two idiots with him of course erupt in laughter. Hilarious right?

I just seemed to brush it off, they were idiots but the more my day has gone on, the more bothered by it I am. I hate the feelings it gave me. I hate how people talk and treat each other. I don’t have a smart phone because I don’t want one. I could get one and I am thinking about it, but just because what I have is different from the rest of society, why call it out as a joke? What is funny about someone not having the latest technology? Or is it funny because you see me as being less? Why do we make fun of those who we “deem” as being less?

I understand I do have a job and in this day and age, it is something to be thankful for, but just because I have a job it does not mean that I want to pay an arm and a leg to a phone company. Shouldn’t we look at others who are different as unique? Shouldn’t we see the value in the way they are or here is an idea, if someone is minding their own business why don’t you just leave them the hell alone? In the entire interaction, I did not say anything to them, so why even bother me? 

Society sees someone alone and different so they think they are outsiders and weird. They see those that are different as being less, but what if we saw them differently? What if we saw them and thought why? What makes them different and actually care about them rather than they are different so point and laugh. These three idiot guys meant no harm, really, but they caused it. They saw me as being different and thought they would poke fun at me. They would make themselves feel better by making me feel less. It is horrible and disgusting behavior, but it is accepted and tolerated in our society and it sickens me. 

It boils down to treat others better. The fact is those guys could have gone about their days and left me alone, but they didn’t. They could have just been decent human beings and said hi, but they didn’t. They could have just not been assholes, but they didn’t. I just hate how society is sometimes and it makes me sad. If someone is different, instead of pointing and laughing, how about seeing what makes them special? See why they choose to not be cookie cutter. If someone is minding their own business? Why not leave them be? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Let people be, like, or do what they want, especially if it has no effect on your life. It seems pretty simple because it is. 

I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Customer Service

Most of the time I try to write these opinion pieces based on news articles that I have read, but this one is a bit more personal. In this day and age, there seems to be less and less emphasis customer service when it actually should be just the opposite. Companies should focus more on creating customer loyalty and doing whatever they can to keep customers, yet more companies seem to be doing the opposite. Often times, the best thing to do for a customer is just to listen and offer whatever you are capable to make the situation better. Customer service is simple, but why does it seem so difficult for companies?

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What Are Your Favorite Things?

I like to dabble in photography. I really enjoy it and there are often times that I am proud of the pictures I take. I am far from a professional, but I still find joy in it. I honestly want to take a course or something in it, if I find the time. Photography is on my long list of hobbies. Who has time for those right? I want to find more time, but everyone knows how that goes.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Connecting or not online

“The Circle” it almost got it right, I think. I went to see the movie this past weekend and it had some interesting things in it. I don’t really want to do a review of the movie, but it just made me think about everyday life and what it really or might look like in our world today. What would the circle look like in reality? I guess it is a bit of what we already have.

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