In memory of Robin Williams


This video is touching and moving created by Bloodnshadow. He wrote the instrumental, the intro and poem as well of course compiled the video. Please follow the link, watch, share, reblog and honor the memory of Robin Williams the man who is gone too soon.

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I know this is not my usual post. But I made this last night and I want to share it with all of you. I did the instrumentals a few months ago, and so I integrated it in the video. Enjoy!

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The Letter


Again in my pursuit of beautiful things, this is a truly heartfelt and moving poem. Please read and share. Art and inspiration and love comes in many forms and from many different places. If you are looking for something to inspire you today, please read and share these words.

Originally posted on Blood 'N' Shadow Writings:

Dedicated to the people who have gone through depression…

The Letter

My friends, depression is a condition in which the brain indicates there’s something wrong with you, although it might be untrue
A disease in which the devil tries to convince you that you’re ugly and worthless, and sometimes you believe it’s true.
Is something that consumes all of your thoughts and takes you hostage
It sometimes pretend to be your one and only friend
Making you doubt about everyone’s intentions and driving you away from everything
It negates self-love and your love for others; turning it into a venomous loathing
It doesn’t let you eat, breathe, sleep or even live in peace
It’s something that goes on erasing beautiful memories of your past
And instead keeps reminding you all of the struggles in your path
It goes on distorting the view that you have about yourself in your life

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Waiting for Me to Wake (Poem)

These words just flow out of me for fear, doubt or shame. My thoughts race as I try to keep them clear but I can’t stop my mind from questioning and I can’t keep my heart from breaking. These are the thoughts that swirl in my head tonight.

I can’t form the words, through any vocal trying,
I reach out to a world behind the screen,
For they can’t see or judge me,
You are here beside me and if I fall down,
Will you pick me back up again?
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Take My Hand Again (Poem)

Some days, words just seem to flow from you. This is one of those days. Memories that knock on doors, long left closed and locked tight, then suddenly you hear a knocking and can’t seem to ignore the thoughts any longer. Sometimes we push things away to keep from feeling or dealing, but eventually we have to find a way to make peace with it, one way or another….

Tightening in my chest, for the words I long to say,
Stifled like a cry in my throat, refusing to escape,
Why can’t I just release them, remove them from my head,
So finally, for this one moment in time, I will be free at last.
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Into the Light (Poem)

I have been listening to an amazing, out of this world band (Blue October) with moving and emotional lyrics. We all have things in our past that we attempt or want to forget or pretend never happened. That normally never works but we still attempt to ignore something and bury it thinking it won’t keep popping up time and again. Most people don’t understand that unless you honestly deal with something then it will never go away and some things are hard to just “deal” with, it takes months, years or a lifetime to work through something, especially if it was something you never asked for or expected to happen.

The world is filled with believers who fail to believe,
Forgetting to forgive those who have hurt them,
Getting lost in the doubts and fears,
Of all the things that they worry can never be.
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